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Monthly Archives: April 2011

3 months old already?

Yes, that’s right, Dylan is 3 months old today. Crazy! I have no idea how 3 months has managed to fly by so fast. I know I’ve said it before but Dylan really is the sweetest baby. He’s smiling and cooing at me all day long and it just melts my heart every time he … Continue reading »

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Spring Fair and Monster Truck Show

Rich really wanted to take Skyler to the Monster Truck Show in January when it was at the Tacoma Dome. Unfortunately, it just happened to be around the same time that Dylan was born so it just wasn’t possible. So we got really excited when we saw it advertised that they were going to have … Continue reading »

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Some seriously ADORABLE pictures….

I just realized that I have been slacking on the blog again and I have a bunch of adorable pictures that are just dying to be shared A couple of weeks ago Skyler’s friend, Owen, came over to play. They had a great time together! At some point in the day I realized that they … Continue reading »

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