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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Our fun day at the zoo

We had the best day with Josh and Cheryl and the kids yesterday at the zoo. The weather was perfect, blue sky and sunny but not too hot. We all managed to get a little pink on our pasty white skin. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t see the sun for months and … Continue reading »

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Dylan’s 4 months old!

This cute boy is 4 months old already! He was lucky enough to get to go to 2 doctors appointments this week. He had his regular 4 month well baby check-up on Monday and on Tuesday he had to go to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital for his 4 month neonatal follow-up. He gets to go … Continue reading »

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Rub-a-dub-dub 2 cute boys in a tub

Dylan is 4 months old today! He’s growing so fast and doing so good at holding his head up these days so we decided to try and put him in the tub with Skyler tonight. They had so much FUN!!! Just look at these two, could they be any cuter? I don’t think so!! Skyler … Continue reading »

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Celebrating 5 Years of Happily Ever After!

Can you believe that this special day was 5 years ago already? I sure can’t!! On the one hand, it seems like Rich and I have been together forever, but on the other hand, it seems like just yesterday we got married. I have never had 5 years go by so fast! I guess the … Continue reading »

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Outdoor Adventures

Since we’ve had such nice weather the last few days we decided to get Skyler out of the house and go on a little family walk. We came across a creek, which Skyler loved throwing sticks into… He’s such a boy! He discovered how fun it is to blow on dandelions Just don’t inhale or … Continue reading »

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New things

Dylan has recently discovered his hands and I catch him doing this often. It cracks me up every time! Grandma made these cute shirts for all of the boys for Easter. Dylan looks so adorable in it! Next week we’re going to attempt to get pictures taken of the 4 boys and 2 girls in … Continue reading »

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Cousins — Then and Now

Grandma took a picture of Elijah and Dylan together a couple of weeks ago and it really reminded me of one that we had taken of Skyler and Hannah in 2009. The expressions on Skyler and Dylan’s faces are so similar. I guess you can tell my boys are brothers, they do look alike Elijah … Continue reading »

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