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Cody’s 1 Year Check-up

Posted by on May 25, 2015

Took this cute boy in for his 12 month check-up only to find out that he was running a 102.8 fever and had a double ear infection but he was still all smiles for the doctor.

No wonder he’s been so clingy lately! This is our first kid to get an ear infection. I’m surprised we made it this long without one!


Height 30 inches – 45%

Weight 21 lb 8 oz – 49%

Head 48 cm – 90%

Scrunchy face!

2014-10-21 11.02.04

He was very entertained by this toy.

2014-10-21 11.03.28

Only a week after his 1 year check-up, this little guy came down with a NASTY wheezing cough. He couldn’t sleep unless he was upright so I stayed up on the couch with him all night and let him sleep on me. Then we headed to the doctor first thing in the morning. Turns out that having a double ear infection wasn’t enough, he caught croup on top of that. He just can’t catch a break!


Making faces at himself in the mirror kept him pretty entertained while we waited for the doctor to squeeze us in.


My first experience with using a nebulizer. It was tricky getting Cody to leave it alone. He didn’t want it on his face but it definitely helped him. 30 minutes sure was a long time to try and wrangle him by myself, though!

2014-10-27 17.39.50

 After a couple of days, some steroids for the Croup and some antibiotics for the double ear infection, he was all better. Thank goodness!

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